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JA BizTown

JA BizTown: Background for Educators

Junior Achievement complements the hard work and dedication you put into educating your students. Our comprehensive curriculum, developed in partnership with educators, reinforces and supplements Common Core State Standards from kindergarten through high school.

JA BizTown gives thousands of students in grades four through six the opportunity to run banks, manage restaurants, read utility meters, use debit cards, and even vote. Turnkey classroom materials have been created with teacher input and are provided by JA, along with teacher training and professional development opportunities.

JA BizTown combines in-class learning with a daylong visit to a JA BizTown facility. This is a fully interactive, true-to-life simulation where students learn the fundamental relationship between academics and life beyond school. JA BizTown helps your students envision the possibilities of what they can be by helping them see the value of staying in school. Our interactive curriculum engages and excites students, leading to stronger critical-thinking and decision-making skills and more confidence.

JA BizTown Rocks—at School!

The JA BizTown experience is brought to life by the teacher, using a flexible, in-class curriculum that encompasses financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.

The big life lessons learned include:
  • The rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
  • The steps needed to apply for and obtain a job, and the critical-thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership skills required to succeed in that job.
  • How to write checks, use debit cards, and manage money effectively.
  • How goods, services, and resources flow in an economy.
  • How to start, finance, and manage a business that will bring jobs to a community.

JA BizTown Rocks—It Really Works!

Through formal third-party evaluations, data shows that JA BizTown students significantly outperform their non-participating peers on assessments and demonstrate a significant increase in overall content knowledge.
  • 97 percent of teachers would recommend JA BizTown to other educators.
  • 96 percent of teachers believe the JA BizTown curriculum helped them meet curriculum objectives and state standards.
  • 98 percent of students report they now realize how important it is to stay in school.

JA BizTown Rocks—at the JA BizTown Facility!

The JA BizTown experience helps students connect the dots through role-play during an exhilarating, daylong simulated experience. Students assume various roles, including CEO, CFO, KeyBank bank teller, Portland Business Journal newspaper reporter, BZTV meteorologist, IRS agent, UPS delivery manager, and attorney.

As “business owners,” students learn to:
  • Responsibly manage staff, financial resources, inventories, and customers.
  • Work as a team.
  • Account for business expenses and still take in enough money to make a profit.
  • Balance their professional and personal responsibilities

As “consumers,” students learn to:
  • Make wise financial decisions.
  • Write checks, use debit cards, and balance a checkbook.
  • Make deposits into their bank accounts.
  • Manage their JA BizTown income as they purchase what they need first and only after that what they want.
  • Understand their relationship as consumers to the economy.

JA BizTown Rocks—How You Can Get Involved!

For additional information on how to get your students involved, please contact Gina Huntington at or Barbara Smith at or call 503-238-6430.

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