Meet Our Team

    Senior Team

  • John Hancock


  • Barbara Smith

    Vice President of Operations

  • Gina Huntington

    Senior Director, Programs

  • Laura Mears


    Portland Office

  • Jennifer Arritola

    Director, In-Class Programs

  • Rachel Cline

    Development Manager

  • Amber Diehr

    JA BizTown Staff

  • Shauna Kimble

    JA BizTown Staff

  • Tracy Kinne

    Program Manager

  • Jenifer Leider

    JA BizTown Staff

  • Jenna Levitta

    Administrative Assistant

  • Beau Woodward

    Development Specialist

  • Kelly Coates

    JA BizTown Staff

    Bend Office - Central Oregon

  • Shannon Christian-Ries

    District Manager

    Eugene Office - Western Oregon

  • Wendy Codding

    District Manager

    Medford Office - Jackson and Joesphine Counties

  • Deanna Wilson

    District Manager

    Klamath Falls

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