Volunteer Resources

Thank you for volunteering to assist with the JA Finance Park! Each volunteer will help students build a foundation for making intelligent, lifelong, personal financial decisions by coaching 4-6 students through the process of developing a budget. To ensure a successful visit, we need 10-20 volunteers daily to provide guidance to students during the 4.5 hour simulation.

Volunteers will need to:

Commit to volunteer on the day of the site visit. Each volunteer is required to attend a 90-minute training as a part of their six-hour volunteer experience with our students in JA Finance Park. This training provides volunteers with the opportunity to understand the in-class program as well as the on-site schedule and procedures. Volunteers gain firsthand knowledge and experience about their role in assisting the students.

Below are volunteer resources that will be used for the day of simulation. Please take a few minutes to review these material which will be covered at the training.

Volunteer Overview