Summer Camps

With JA BizTown Summer Camp and JA NLX, we offer week-long day camp style summer programs that provide kids and teens with experiences that help them prepare for their careers, gain entrepreneurial and life skills, and plan for their futures. Set in our 8,500 square foot replica of an American city, JA BizTown Summer Camp is for kids ages 10-14 to learn about jobs, how to manage money and how to start a business. At JA NLX, high school students gain unique exposure to careers and successful leaders, lead innovative projects and get inspired to prepare for a fulfilling and successful future. These summer camps are located in Portland and are open to students all over Oregon & SW Washington and beyond.


JA NLX (Next Level Experience) is an immersive learning experience for 14-17 year olds to bridge their personal interests and skills and plan for their future success. While diving in to research-based traits of success, participants will hear from entrepreneurs and experts, visit companies, and gain proficiencies in the areas of careers, personal finance and entrepreneurship.

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JA BizTown Summer Camp

An extension of our popular 5th grade program, JA BizTown Summer Camp is a week-long dynamic, hands-on learning simulation for students ages 10-14. The camp is a fun and exciting program that engages students in business, entrepreneurship, and financial planning with state-of-the-art experiential learning.

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