Volunteer Training

Junior Achievement provides the keys to your success: the training, the curriculum, and students ready to meet you. All you need is your enthusiasm, your life experience, and a willingness to teach children about your work-life experiences.

In-Class Programs

Each JA volunteer receives training to prepare for their classroom experience, including orientation time with their specific JA program kit. Training takes approximately 1 hour and is held at the volunteer's office (when a group of 10 or more volunteers can congregate), the JA office, or some other convenient location.

JA BizTown

JA BizTown Volunteers are required to attend a 90-minute training in advance of their volunteer day. Please contact Gina Huntington at ghuntington@ja-pdx.org for current training times.

JA Finance Park

Each adult volunteer is required to attend a 90-minute training as a part of their six-hour volunteer experience with our students in JA Finance Park. Please contact Gina Huntington at ghuntington@ja-pdx.org for current volunteer and training times and locations.