Education Resources

We seek to be a resource for teachers, students and parents. Below are a few tips and tools that you can use to enhance learning in the areas of work readiness, money management, and entrepreneurial skills

The Money JAR is a podcast that provides money management tips, entrepreneur inspiration, and career advice relevant for all ages. Along with a cadre of guest experts, show hosts Evan Wilson and Todd Yuzuriha pair their unique perspectives with a mild dose of humor as they attempt to demystify the common challenges all families face while trying to educate their children on the economics of life. From money apps for kids to teaching young people how to find their dream job, the show is designed to be a practical catalyst for meaningful dialog, helping families to begin ongoing conversations around work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. See more on their website, Facebook and Twitter and subscribe on iTunes. Contact for more information.


JA Family Lessons (K-12th grades)
JA Build Your Future (also available on iTunes and Google Play) (6th-12th grades)
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Money As You Grow (K-6th grades)
FDIC Money Smart lessons (K-12th grades)
Learning economics with Minecraft (3rd-5th grades)
U.S. Mint h.i.p Pocket Change Games & Resources (K-6th grades)
U.S. News & World Report book recommendations (K-6th grades)


JA Economics for Success Game (6th-8th grades)
Econedlink Financial Literacy Resources (6th-12th grades) Understanding Taxes Lessons, Activities and Games (6th-12th grades)
Money Resource Guide Games for Kids (K-12th grades)



JA My Way (interactive website) (6th-12th grades)
JA Assembling Your Career (6th-12th grades)
Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Exploration (4th-12th grades)
Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupation Videos (4th-12th grades) Jobs and Careers – Games (6th-8th grades) (9th-12th grades)


JA Success Park (app) (9th-12th grades)
US Department of Labor Youth Work Facts (6th-8th grades)


JA Video Library (K-12th grades)
Brightly books recommendations (K-12th grades)
Inc.Com 30 Under 30 (6th-8th grades)